Social networking for babies

Here’s a business idea I think will work because I was looking for one and thought about starting it myself.  It’s social networking for babies. Mothers create profiles for themselves and their babies. They can connect to friends and record milestones like first step, first solid food, etc. I bet moms will love comparing their baby to others. I kept looking up milestones in the books to see when I could expect them and how my kid was doing.

Plus anything that helps connect new moms with other moms is a good thing. It’s not easy to find other moms interested in the same things you are.

2 Replies to “Social networking for babies”

  1. could be a good facebook app. like dogbook for babies (not that they’re the same or anything).

  2. It would be a good facebook app. Facebook could also use some of the “tell me who’s close to me” that Dopplr, the new Yahoo initiative and a couple of others are working on.

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