Who can fly the most on United?

I got a new offer from United: create a team and compete with other frequent fliers. The team that flies the most wins. The catch? It’s not who flies the most miles, it’s who flies the most miles MORE than last year. So if you flew a 100,000 miles last year, and you fly 105,000 miles this year, only 5,000 will count in the contest.

I actually think this is a good promotion for United. (A much better idea than the pay $20 for 1000 miles.) Frequent fliers love bragging about how much they fly and now they’ll not only be trying to fly even more, but they’ll be recruiting others to fly more.

Hmm. By the end of April, I’ll have flown as much as I did all last year. Maybe I should create a team … except I hate to do anything that might encourage me to fly more.