Do you know what you would love most to do?

Finding your dream job is more than just identifying what you love most and finding a job where you do that. I love doing puzzles, would I want to do them eight hours a day, everyday? No way.

Last night at a party I met a woman who loves what she does. (She collects money for charities.) She’d heard a quote that said that 80% of Americans hated their jobs so she was on a mission to have us all identify what we loved to do and figure out a job doing that.

I think you need to:

  • Figure out what types of things you love doing.
  • Find a job that has meaning to you: a mission, purpose, … (I suspect this woman didn’t used to love asking people for money – but she loves helping out the people that need the money.)
  • Make sure you are good at the things you love. This will probably just happen as you get good at anything you work at but you won’t be happy if you find a job that you love and adds meaning but you are terrible at.