Let’s just build condos in the airport

Today’s USA Today says there are now medical clinics and pharmacies in airports for travelers. Because they spend so much time in the airport and they aren’t allowed to carry syringes and the like. While we are at it, why don’t we just build some condos, daycares, grocery stores, … Then we could just go through security once, when we’re born – well actually if you’re born in the airport hospital, you’ve already passed security – anyways, we’d live in a security zone. We’d eat with plastic knives and forks, go to the doctor for routine shots because you can’t own your own syringes, knit with plastic needles, buy all cosmetics in 2 ounce sizes (no need to store the bigger sizes from Sam’s), buy your vegetables precut, no cars because I’m sure you could build a bomb out of one (think of all that money you’d save in gas!), … but you’d be safe!