Beat jetlag … by not eating for 12 hours before breakfast

Beat jetlag by not eating for 12-16 hours before breakfast (in the time zone you want to be in). According to ParentingSquad, this works because most mammals need to forage for food during daylight hours. So your body will quickly adjust to sleeping when there’s no food so that it can search for food during the day.

I wonder if this is why I never have much trouble with jetlag … Let me know if you try it and it works for you. (Skipping airplane food doesn’t sound like such a bad idea anyway …)

[UPDATE] Science Friday had a good segment on this, Circadian Clock Sets at Lunchtime. They explain that your body has two clocks, one based on external light and one based on food. While the external light one can only shift about two hours a day, the food one will override it in times of necessity. So starve yourself for 16 hours and then eat breakfast and your food clock will take over to make sure you are awake when there’s food.