Not just one boss … but seven!

A lot of people have been joking about me being the "top dog" or "big boss" so I thought I’d point out that I work for the Board of Directors – 7 volunteer, part time directors who are doing a great job of running the GNOME Foundation. My job is to make them and the GNOME Foundation even more successful.

(And I could get 7 new bosses every year …)

3 Replies to “Not just one boss … but seven!”

  1. As someone in similar shoes, it usually embarrasses me if people do this with/to me too. When you’re the director, manager, or leader of a community project, that rarely means you’re “running things” like a construction boss. It’s more like conducting an orchestra.
    Without you, it’s likely the music would still be enjoyable. And soloists will always rise up to amaze and delight regardless of how you wave your baton around. But an effective conductor does have the ability to make the difference between “good” and “excellent,” both for the audience and the orchestra. It’s very helpful to have someone to set the tempo, cue important passages, and let the audience know when to applaud!
    How do you like my analogy?

  2. The GNOME project and the GNOME foundation should not be used as a platform for personal aggrandisement or for furthering a Microsoft agenda.
    The board is NOT “doing a great job running the GNOME foundation.” Perhaps it will be in a position to do so when it rids itself of Jeff Waugh.

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