Seven mentors!

So earlier I blogged that I had seven bosses. (It was mostly in reaction to the fact that I felt like I was getting way too much attention!) But I realized this morning that I really feel like I got seven mentors. What a way to start out a new job – with not one mentor but seven!

The GNOME board of directors has been great. They were very clear from the beginning that I should feel free to ask them any questions. When I expressed concerns that I was going to flood their mailboxes, they said, no, no don’t worry. (I think that was Vincent – I hope the rest of you agree. 🙂 They did tell me not to necessarily expect verbose replies and that I might see a lot of "+1"s which means "I agree" or "me too". So I’ve been sending them lots of mails, some important, some FYIs and some just downright trivial (who does x?) and they’ve replied quickly to all of them!

Most career management gurus would say that a mentor is key to success and I just got a whole team of mentors! Now I’d better get back to work.

[And I should point out that I feel like others in the community are also going out of their way to mentor and help. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Dave Neary – he’s been a great help!]

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