It’s not even going in one ear …

My stepson is a very bright kid but he doesn’t always listen. I’m convinced it’s because he doesn’t even hear us right the first time, not because he isn’t obeying.

I now have proof he doesn’t really hear us. Here’s this morning’s conversation: (There are no lapses or pauses.)

J:      There’s almost a full moon!
Me:    Yes, do you know how often we have a full moon?
J:      How often?
Me:    Every 28 days. (Which isn’t actually right, I know.)
J:      EVERY 20 YEARS!?
Me:    No, every 28 DAYS.
J:      Oh.
Me:    So, how often do we have a full moon?
J:      Every 25 days.

The doctors say his hearing is fine. His teacher is going to have fun with him this year!