18 Replies to “Total Dejection to Total Elation”

  1. God forbid somebody personally kills their own food. Raising and slaughtering on an industrial scale is so much better for the animals.

  2. Right, killing other creatures that don’t want to die is such a great way to get your food. Like, in this century, we all totally need animals to die to sustain ourselves. It’s not a superfluous luxury for many (but not all) at all, to continue extracting our pleasure from killing living creatures. I think I’ll go a’rapin’ now.
    Well, I guess I can still hold out hope that a future advanced race (oo, perhaps other humans with a superiority, or a fair sporting, complex) sees us as game 😀
    (I hope this isn’t seen as very unfair, but really, they’re stealing the lives of animals that don’t usually threaten them at all.)

  3. Stop killing animals, eating and hunting animals is such a nonsense. Nobody needs meat to survive, meat is less good for people than they might think.

  4. What’s for dinner? I’ll bring the BBQ. Sorry about the typical responses that you got. The same people that promote “diversity” get angry when you make a decision they don’t agree with.
    Your pics are wonderful, thanks.

  5. Wow! A lot of response. Thanks for the compliments on the pictures. My point was to show off my kiddo.
    To the vegetarians, I understand your position. It’s unlikely I will become a vegetarian anytime soon but I have many friends that are (my sister is a vegan) and I respect your position.
    To any of those meat-eating anti-hunters, I strongly recommend you go visit your local feed lot and slaughter house. Maybe you won’t become a hunter but you might become a vegetarian.
    Hunters are typically very environmentally conscious. Hunting is highly regulated in the US and serves as a population control method as well as funding for much of our wildlife management. As humans have moved into animal territory, they’ve displaced wild animals. For example, elk used to be a plains animal and now they live in the mountains. Their natural predators like mountain lions and wolves are all but gone. Left to populate uncontrolled (in spaces that we leave them) they would die of disease and hunger. (Actually, the thing that upset me in Colorado is when the division of wildlife started shooting deer to reduce their population. They didn’t make money off of selling hunting licenses nor selling the meat.)
    For the guy that put the link to the deer … I’m not quite sure what your point was but these pictures are of pheasant hunting. (And pheasants are not native to the US but have done very well.)
    To the rest of you, thanks for the compliments on the pictures.

  6. Hey,
    I absolutely agree with your stance towards the anti-hunting meat-eaters. Being a vegetarian myself, I think it is way better to go hunting than buying industrially produced meat at the supermarket.
    I would probably eat meat again if I were in a position were I could consciously decide if I have to kill an animal or not.
    Best wishes

  7. Hey Stormy. You handled these comments really well. Thank you. GNOME is in good hands 😀

  8. I’m not a vegetarian, and I have no problem with people hunting for food. I love eating meat.
    However, I *do* have a problem with people hunting as a recreational pursuit.

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