It’s now easier than ever to do what everyone else is doing

When it comes to making choices, people often default to "safety in numbers", i.e. what everyone else is doing. While the internet is widely applauded for bringing lots of information and reviews about products, it also allows you to judge what's most popular. For example, on Flickr you can see what cameras people are using:

Amusingly, I felt somehow good that I had bought the most popular camera without even knowing it was the most popular or "best" by popular choice. (Although I'm sure if I'd bought one of the others, I'd now be telling myself I did good not buying the camera everyone else bought!)

The internet is providing us more and more interesting data whether we use it for personal decision making, product decisions, political motives, convincing others, …

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  1. If you had posted about it before the purchase, I would have told you I am a long-time Canon buyer. I currently have the XTi and I hate it. The flash metering in the original Digital Rebel was less than adequate, but it makes the XTi look very bad. The XTi is a piece of junk. Search google for “Digital Rebel flash metering”. You can offset the problems with a good flash unit, but don’t go cheap on it. My next camera will probably be a Nikon D90.
    Good luck with yours, I hope you like it. If you take outdoor photos, it will be fine. Indoor, you will be left wanting.

  2. Erick,
    I’ve noticed the flash doesn’t behave like I think it should. Didn’t know if that was the camera or me since I don’t know much about cameras beyond point and shoot yet.
    That said, I don’t like flash photography so I’m looking for a lens that will let me take good low light pictures … when I’m willing to spend the money!
    Our main reason for getting a digital SLR was to be able to take pictures of the kids moving. And those pictures are usually outside.

  3. Stormy, for a good and cheap lens in EF mount, I would go for the EF 50mm f/1.8. It’s all plastic and doesn’t have nice USM focusing, but the wide aperture is great for low light, and optically it is pretty good. I have never used it, but have several friends who are pretty happy with it. Inexpensive too!

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