My top 11 blog posts of 2008

My top 11 blog posts of the year. (11 because I didn't want the first one to be about me.)

The top 10 is never what I would have predicted but all topics I think are important.

  1. Fundraising for a technical nonprofit
  2. I'm the new Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation!
  3. Cheap mini-laptop
  4. How I'm learning to create effective presentations
  5. Sneak preview of my talk next week: "GNOME as the computing platform for the future"
  6. What do you have: time, resources or features?
  7. Learning not to cry in today's workplace
  8. Alabama literacy test: would you pass?
  9. 20 things you can negotiate in a job offer
  10. KDE vs GNOME
  11. Why do netbook vendors make their own distribution?