Call to action: spread the word about open source on the desktop, submit your proposal to OpenSource World

I'm on the advisory board for OpenSource World. I was excited to be asked. One, it's flattering to be feel that your opinion is valuable. Two, I was excited to help make OpenSource World a success. Three, I have an active interest in making sure that open source software in general is successful and in particular on making sure open source on the desktop is successful. Four, I always like learning new things and being on the advisory board of a large conference is bound to teach one new things.

Then, in addition, I volunteered to run the desktop/netbook track at OpenSource World. When I volunteered, I envisioned myself sitting in an easy chair with a huge pile of proposals like a professor grading term papers. Sharing quotes from the good ones and sorting them into the good, the bad and the ugly. Then on the day of the conference, I'd introduce speakers and stand back and watch with pride as excellent speakers drew huge audiences.

The problem with my vision? Those huge stacks of proposals aren't coming in! So, if you have something you'd like to say, a message about open source software on the desktop or how netbooks are affecting our world, please submit a proposal to OpenSource World! Or call me. Or email me. If you've seen a really good talk about open source on the desktop, call me, twitter me or email me. I'll try to get the speaker to come to OpenSource World!

While I probably won't end up sitting in my easy chair reading proposals, I am looking forward to sitting on my fitball in front of my monitor and twittering about them! So submit your proposal to OpenSource World.