New chair time …

This is my old chair. (Or rather Frank's old chair which he has resisted replacing. I'm not too sad it's gone. And if you have ideas on fixing it, "sshhh!")


This is my temporary chair. I have discovered that while sitting in it I'm much more likely to get up and do something else, so while it's probably good for my health, it's probably not the best work chair …


I wish I had a chair room like HP used to have … When I started at HP, I got to go to the "chair room". There, in a room of 20+ chairs, you got a short lecture on ergonomics and then you got to bounce around trying out all the different chairs until you found one that worked for you. I even found one that prevented me from slouching and from sitting on my foot.

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  1. You want this: [www_hermanmiller_com]
    Joel says so: [www_joelonsoftware_com]
    (Search for “Let me, for a moment, talk about the famous Aeron chair.”)
    I sit in one that was found mysteriously floating around an office otherwise filled with seriously inferior chairs. I missed snagging it three times, as the quicker snaggers moved up, out, or on, but finally managed to jump first.

  2. just put some wood glue in those holes, and put the pieces back together… wait 24 hours…

  3. Sitting on a ball like that works great for me, but you will need to have patience until your muscles in the back get strong enough. I recommend you to use it for some time, then changing back to something else, then go back. As your muscles get stronger, you will be able to use it for longer periods of time.
    Also remember to change your posture from time to time by leaning forwards or backwards, IMO that’s the best thing of those balls.

  4. Shh! I never liked the chair and I’ve been sitting in it for five years. (Actually, I sat on the sofa with my laptop until about a year ago.)
    You can’t see all of it but it’s very traditional, straight, covered in stained pink cloth, and it’s just a bit too high for me.
    (FYI, Frank – or I – could fix it but he’s letting me get rid of it!)

  5. My back doesn’t hurt … but I think I’m so used to leaning back that every time I go to do it, I get up.
    You’re right, I’ll probably eventually get used to it. I did sit on it for about a week a few months ago.

  6. I’ve been sitting on a pilates core ball for almost 4 years now at my current gig and that’s probably the only fun thing left on my cube farm =)

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