Mommy come back!

This week I've taken Caleb, my two year old, into daycare a few times and had a few entertaining discussions. (Normally I pick the kids up, not drop them off. But being gone for 10 days for GUADEC was hard on the family so I've been trying to help Frank get caught up at work. My agreement with the family is that I'll be home on weekends and try to make trips short. GUADEC doesn't fit that arrangement very well.)

Actually, every day I was at GUADEC, I had the same entertaining discussion with Caleb:

Me: What did you do today?

Caleb: I caught two fish, Jacob caught none!

Jacob: (In the background.) But Daddy helped you!

On Monday when I took Caleb in I talked to him about what we'd done over the weekend.

Me: We went to the jazz festival, we played in the sprinklers and went to Granny and Papaws! What else did we do?


It was good to feel loved! 

The next day on the way in, he commiserated with me that I wasn't a kid:

Me: What are you going to do today?

Caleb: Play friends.

Me: That sounds like fun.

Caleb: Mommy do that?

Me: I wish I could. It sounds like it'd be a good time.

Caleb: Mommy be small.

If I was a kid, I could play all day too!