Gifts for the Kindle user that has it all

Do you live with someone that buys themselves all the toys they want? And so when it comes time for giving gifts, you’re stuck?

Here’s some ideas for the Kindle user that has it all:

1. Kindle. Unless they have the latest Kindle, they’ll really appreciate the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s lighter, has a better screen and best of all, it’s backlit! If they already have the Paperwhite, the Kindle Fire is a really popular tablet – so it not only holds books but also let’s you browse the web and install apps. (And for kids, you can set time limits for each type of activity, so you can say 30 minutes of games, 30 minutes of browsing and unlimited reading each day.)

2. Covers. You can’t have too many covers or jackets – it’s like having multiple jackets to wear or multiple pairs of shoes. I reviewed Kindle covers when I got my last Kindle. For my Paperwhite, I got a BUILT Neoprene sleeve that I really like.

3. An Audible account. Kindles now have an amazing feature called Whispersync which allows you to switch back and forth from the audio version of the book and the visual version. So if you need to stop reading so you can get in the car to drive, you can continue listening to your book! Buy your Kindle fan an Audible account so they can get the audio versions of books.

4. A light. If they don’t have a Paperwhite or a Kindle Fire, and you’re looking for a smaller present, try a light. A light helps when reading in bed or on the airplane. This clip-on light is one of the most popular ones. This M-edge light that fits into the Kindle M-Edge cover.

5. Amazon gift card. Kindle users buy all their books from Amazon, so giving them an Amazon gift card is as good as giving them their favorite books!

6. Chargers. Like an extra power adaptor or a car charger. I keep one power adaptor in my bedroom and one in my suitcase.

Plus Kindle users are likely to like other geeky gifts

Any other ideas for the Kindle user that has it all?

Good luck!