Don’t let others limit you

When given choices in life, remember that there are always other (unspoken) options.

Here's a recent conversation with my 3 year old.

Me:  Would you like milk or water with dinner?

3yo: Gatorade!

Me:  Milk or water?

3yo: Gatorade, please.

Me:  Milk or water?

3yo: Chocolate milk?

So next time you're asked which team you'd like to be on or which task you'd like to do or what hours you'd like to work, remember there might be a few options that aren't mentioned. For example, see 20 things you can negotiate in a job offer for some options available when you are considering a new job.

5 Replies to “Don’t let others limit you”

  1. I wouldn’t give my kids gatorade in the first place, so they wouldn’t know what it was. That stuff’s full of crap.

  2. Most things we (as a society) give our kids to drink – except perhaps milk and water – are not very good for them.
    Our kiddo was recently pretty sick and wasn’t drinking enough water to keep hydrated but he was more than willing to drink gallons and gallons of gatorade.
    Sometimes you have to go with the lesser of two evils.
    (Random side note about Gatorade: when my dog was really sick with kidney disease, the vet actually recommended giving her Gatorade. She liked it as much as the 3yo now does.)

  3. @Bob the Internet is full of crap. You should not hang around here.
    @stormy, great post. Yes, sometimes kids negotiation techniques teach us a lot.

  4. Good and bad are not useful labels, it prevents us from considering if something is useful, when it is, and how often, or what might be a more appropriate choice. (Nothing is good or bad in it of itself)
    Gatorade is great for hydration – not just water, but also electrolytes (sodium, calcium, potassium) and sugar… so if people are severely sick, or have heat exhaustion, or are greatly exerting themselves, this is an essential tool.

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