Kindle 2 Covers

I have also reviewed covers for the latest generation Kindle 3.


I don’t normally write product reviews but I had such a hard time finding the right Kindle 2 cover, that I ended buying three covers before I found one I liked! And the one I ended up with is not the one I would have expected to like.

(As to why I was buying a Kindle 2 cover … my original Kindle’s screen broke – under warranty – and I used the opportunity to upgrade. However, the Kindle 2 is a different size than the Kindle 1 and does not come with a cover. So I also ended up looking for a cover.)

The Amazon Kindle Leather Cover is really popular but I didn’t try it because I really didn’t like the Amazon cover for my first Kindle.

I tried out three covers: the M-Edge GO! Jacket, the OCTO Faux Leather Slip Cover and the M-edge Latitude Jacket.

M-EdgeGO 1. M-Edge GO! Jacket (Genuine Leather–Smooth Mocha). This is the cover I had for my first Kindle and I loved it. So when I needed a new cover, I ordered this one. But it wasn’t the same as the Kindle 1 cover. The leather is not as soft, the binding is much stiffer and most important of all, it weighs 5 ounces more than the Kindle 1 cover! This cover feels like it weighs as much as the Kindle itself. And it does. The Kindle weighs 10.2 ounces and this cover weighs 9 ounces. That was a no go.

OCTO 2. OCTO Faux Leather Slip Cover. My next try was for something very lightweight but nice looking. This Octovo cover is sleek. It slips on over the Kindle, taking up no extra room, weighs practically nothing and it looks nice. If I always carried my Kindle in my laptop bag or a purse, I would go with this one. My one complaint is that you have to take it completely out of the cover to read it. (Then you have to stash the cover some where while you’re reading.) I almost kept it just for using on business trips when I stash my Kindle in my laptop bag. ~2.5 ounces*

M-edgeLatitude 3. M-edge Latitude Jacket. When I ordered the Octovo, I also ordered the M-edge Latitude Jacket. Just to see it. And I love it. (I had been looking at the Belkin neoprene but the reviews didn’t look good.) The Latitude is light weight. (Although not as light as the Octovo one.) It zips all the way around – protecting the Kindle completely. And it has a pocket on the front that fits my G1 phone and wallet. And a pocket on the back that looks perfect for a boarding pass. I’m not sure why I like it so much but I think it’s perfect for doing things like taking the Kindle along to a kid’s football practice or to a doctor’s office or to a lunch meeting you think someone might be late to.~5.5 ounces*

* Warning: all weights taken on an inaccurate kitchen scale that has been serving as a kid’s toy.

Which Kindle 2 cover or case do you like?

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