What’s your vision of GNOME?

The GNOME Foundation's mission is to provide a free desktop accessible to everyone. Accessible regardless of their ability to pay, their physical ability or the language they speak.

But I bet if you polled all 400 members of the GNOME Foundation and a few 1000 GNOME fans, you'd get a lot of different visions of what that means. And while I think that's normal and I think that's good, I thought it might be an interesting conversation to have.

What's your vision for GNOME?

In your ideal world, does:

  • Everyone have a computer?
  • Everyone have a computer running GNOME?
  • Everyone have a computer running free software?
  • Everyone that has a computer is using free software? GNOME? (And not everyone has a computer.)
  • All personal technology, laptops, phones, handhelds, use free software? Use GNOME?
  • GNOME desktops are equivalent to Windows ones? Better?
  • GNOME desktops all look alike? GNOME desktops are "customized" like Moblin, Maemo, etc.
  • Where ever there's proprietary software, there's a free software equivalent?
  • New technologies only have free software options?
  • The free software options are better technically or easier to use than the proprietary options?
  • Everyone understands what free software means?
  • Everyone thinks that free software is important? Or is it enough that they use it?
  • Everyone uses desktops? (As opposed to only using phones or mobile devices.)
  • Governments use free software exclusively?
  • No more third world countries because everyone has access to technology which has raised their standard of living?

What's your ideal future world with GNOME look like? Share your vision, leave a comment!

(Bonus question: how does the GNOME Foundation fit into your vision?)