Stormy’s Update: Week of February 8th

This is my update for work done for the GNOME Foundation. For a higher level overview for what I do as the Executive Director, see What do I do as Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation? or my earlier updates.

Attended the FOSS Workshop. This was an event of mostly university researchers with some invited industry and project attendees (like myself.) The goal was/is to come up with proposals for NSF grants to study free and open source software. The discussions and writing took place over 2.5 days and evenings and I was impressed at the discussion that happened and the proposals that were starting to take shape. I pushed for less studying how projects work (I feel like we know that) and more studying how people (including students and companies) can get involved. There were also proposals for studying how the open source model can be applied to other industries (other than software), how different cultures get involved, business models, etc. I was also impressed at how long all the professors could focus on the project. I could have used some more email/voice mail/blog/twitter breaks. 🙂

Met with a few more GNOME advisory board members. A few more meetings to go. It’s good to catch up with everyone and their plans so far. (No big secrets.)

Exchanged email with FOSSFA about an event they are doing in Africa and about how GNOME could participate with some training.

Talked to several people about GNOME a11y, usability and the hackfests in London and at CSUN.

Provided quote for XIPWIRE press release. They are accepting donations for free and open software projects like GNOME free of charge.

Welcomed Gary Ekker as Novell’s representative to the GNOME advisory board.

This week for sure:

  • Presenting at IASA.
  • AtteSuperstickiesnding OSS Watch phone Advisory Board Meeting.
  • Working on GUADEC sponsorship.
  • At least 4 more meetings with advisory board meetings.
  • Board meeting.
  • Meeting with Rosanna.
  • Pinging a lot of people about a lot of things …

This week hopefully:

  • Settle on dates for the Meet the Funders events.
  • Letter for annual report.
  • Catching up on email.
  • Landing pages for Friends of GNOME hits from Google ads.