Come tell us about Freedom & Web Services at OSCON!

I am organizing the Web Services: How can open source software compete? lightening talks at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference. If you are working on a free web service, or if you’ve given some thought to what it would take to have free web services, please come share your work! Free as in freedom and free software, not free of cost.

Creating “free” web services will require more than just making web services using AGPL licensed software. We’ll need trusted providers, protections around how data can be used and all the social aspects that the current web services have. We now have several free and open web services. Come hear what people are doing to define and create “free” web services. We need you!

The Web Services lightening talks will take place on Wednesday afternoon, July 21st, at OSCON. Each talk will be 5 minutes in length. You can use slides which you will need to send to me ahead of time in PDF format.

If you are interested, send mail to oscon -at- stormyscorner -dot- com with the word “OSCON” in the subject line, and include the following information. Please take a minute and submit your idea now!

Full Name:

Cell Phone Number:

Title of Talk:

One Line Description:

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Feel free to forward this to other people or communities that might have interesting opinions to share.