Nexus One’s are (at least some what) waterproof

The dog's water bowl - where my Nexus One fell

Don’t try this at home. Unless you have a few phones to spare.

My Nexus One survived being completely submerged in water.

I came home from grocery shopping and I put my Nexus One and my wallet in one of the plastic grocery bags  for the walk into the house. I put the plastic sack on the kitchen counter and walked across the room. I turned around just in time to see it lean over and dump my phone and my wallet straight into the dog’s water dish!

I rushed across the room (to the sound of my 4 year old saying, “What? What, Mommy? Why you say ‘Oh, shit!’?”), yanked my phone and wallet out of the water, threw my wallet in the sink and immediately started trying to get the back off my phone. I got the back off, the battery out and dried off everything I could see. I then let it sit out for a couple of hours to dry. When I put the battery back in, everything worked perfectly.


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  1. It might still be a good idea to clean the phone in cleansing alcohol (100% destilled clean water might also work, but alcohol is better)

  2. Ouf! happy to know about that. This is the kind of things that could easily happened to me πŸ™‚

  3. I disagree with the above poster. The purpose of alcohol is to drive out the water with something that will evaporate more quickly and more thoroughly. If you were patient enough to wait until it was thoroughly dry then there’s no advantage to using alcohol any more.

  4. That’s nothing, my wife’s G1 survived a full washing machine cycle. πŸ™‚

    It took about a week of dunking it in a bowl of uncooked rice to get all the water to evaporate, but it’s all good now.

  5. Phones should be waterproof. It’s just common sense. Watches are waterproof.. and phones have replaced watches. It’s only right.

    I’m betting iPhone 5 goes waterproof first.

  6. You were certainly lucky if you tried again after a a couple of hours. Usually recommended to leave wet electronics for a good few days (in rice, and/or with regular hairdrying) before you even think about turning them back on.

  7. If it was turned off, that’s pretty normal. If it was turned on, you’re quite lucky. πŸ™‚ I drowned a Touch Diamond a year or so back and it never turned on again…

    In addition to all the good advice above, do be very careful with it from now on, because you will not get any hardware servicing (or an exchange) under the warranty now; phone suppliers will never honor the warranty for a phone that’s had water damage, and they all have internal water damage indicators (it’s usually a little tab in the battery compartment which changes color or something similar when exposed to water). So don’t drop it πŸ™‚

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