Mozilla Developer Engagement Update, March 21, 2011

Christian went to Login in Lithuania and tried to hypnotise the audience with the content injection demo once more – also, ended up in the conference newspaper.

Louis-Rémi met many fellow mozillians both at “café numérique” in Brussel and “State of the Browsers” in London.

Firefox still rocking, at State Of The Browsers

Lots of Firefox fans from around Austin and SXSW attendees stopped by our Firefox for Mobile ice cream truck throughout the week. Lots of opportunity to educate people about Firefox going mobile… except there weren’t a lot of Android devices.  Most people had iPhones and were excited to learn about Firefox Home.  But overall, a great way to raise brand awareness and give people a chance to know Firefox a little bit better. 🙂

We had lunch with Mozillians and friends at SXSW.

Photo by Tantek

Making good progress on the hiring front … for interns, evangelists and writers!

Have a great week!

The Developer Engagement Team
Christian, Janet, Jay, Louis-Rémi, Paul, Sheppy and Stormy