Mozilla Developer Engagement Update, April 15-24, 2011

Louis-Rémi completed his inventory of the AppCache and showed some demos on stage with Tristan Nitot at the Firefox4 launch party in Paris.

Wrote lots more documentation for Firefox 5 and 6, including material about CSS animations.

Various updates for the Add-on SDK’s final beta, including documentation for the new “passwords” module.

With Luke Crouch and Les Orchard forming an official “team” for MDN webdev, we reviewed all the features for Kuma and decided to take the Firefox team’s “Feature pages” approach to planning and tracking development. We are building out a set of pages for each component and related features on the Kuma wiki to more effectively implement the pieces that will make up MDN 2.0 later this year.

Mark Giffin is helping us write some SpiderMonkey documentation.

Have a great week!

The Developer Engagement Team
Christian, Janet, Jay, Louis-Rémi, Paul, Sheppy, Will and Stormy