Mozilla Developer Engagement, May 12-19, 2011

We finalized the design for the Dev Derby and will be kicking off our first developer challenge with CSS Animations in June.

Here’s how we hold our team meetings:

Published DZSlides V2 Beta (make your slides in HTML5!):

Janet and Sheppy attended the STC summit, where among other things, we had dinner with some of our writer compatriots from Google.

Janet spoke on “(Things to Think About) Before You Pick a Wiki”.

Janet and Sheppy spoke about what it’s like to do “Radically Open Documentation”.

We all attended a work week at the Mozilla offices in Mountain View. We went bowling on a team outing. I tried to take a picture but mobile phone cameras don’t do so well with action shots in dark bowling alleys … (We also spent a lot of time in productive conversations with other Mozillians.)

Have a great week!

The Developer Engagement Team
Christian, Janet, Jay, Louis-Rémi, Paul, Sheppy, Will and Stormy