Mozilla Developer Engagement Update, June 17, 2011

Rob Hawkes joined our team. Welcome, Rob!

He’s been getting up to speed with all the cool things going on in Developer Engagement and is really looking forward to settling in and sinking his teeth into the projects that he’s taking on. You can read his blog post about starting at Mozilla (and working remote.)

Some cross-browser testing for the Jetpack SDK docs.

With the Web O Wonder site going away soon, we are refreshing the Demo Studio on MDN to make it more presentable to not just developers, but consumer and the press as well.

With feedback from the community and a focus on bringing more to Web developers on MDN, we have redesigned the MDN home page to emphasize the documentation and demos we have at  With a new header, layout, and messaging about our vendor-neutral approach to community collaboration, we’ll be introducing the new home of MDN at part of the MDN 0.9.6 release as well.

John Karahalis has been encouraging web developers to share their work on the Mozilla Dev Derby, has begun applying Scrum practices within the MDN development team, and will soon be working with MDN users to ensure they will be pleased with the new version of the site.

The MDN Doc Sprint was a success!

Sheppy’s been writing about three versions of Firefox at once! Sometimes literally simultaneously! Woohoo!

The Developer Engagement Team
Christian, Janet, Jay, John, Louis-Rémi, Paul, Rob, Sheppy, Will and Stormy