Mozilla Developer Engagement Update, June 7, 2011

Have you seen this man?  His name is John Karahalis and he’s from RIT.  He’ll be working with the Dev Engagement team this summer, with a focus on Kuma project management and various engagement efforts around MDN.

Start your engines!  We’ll be launching the Dev Derby developer challenge(s) soon with our first June contest around CSS3 Animations.  Developers will have an opportunity to play with the latest standards and technologies for a chance to win awesome prizes every month!   Next up for July is HTML5 <video> and then Touch on mobile for August.   More details to come… so be ready to spread the word!

Janet presented at the Open Help Conference. She talked about things we’re doing with MDN to engage with developers and community. There was a mix at the conference of people from various open source projects, plus a few who do other documentation and wanted to learn about open source and community.

Sheppy is working on getting old content from migrated to devmo; he has what he hopes is his last test run underway now, so he should be ready to do it for real next week!

John has been working to guide the Kuma team toward a more formal software engineering process. To do this, he has aggregated an official list of planned Kuma features and have written a Scrum guide for the Mozilla community.

John compiled a list of possible authors for the Mozilla Demo Studio and has begun reaching out to development groups that might be interested in contributing to the site.

Willl has been drafting FAQs for the SDK, integrating the AMO style into the docs, and helping to script the videos Dave Mason is recording this week. Starting to think about life after SDK 1.0, and how we can evolve the doc infrastructure to be more open, localizable and portable.

Louis-Rémi has been blogging about the release of Aurora 6 and preparing blog posts about specific features. He’s also taking some time to participate in jQuery development to make sure a large number of developers benefit from the progress Firefox makes in CSS3 and HTML5 support (CSS3 Transitions specifically these days).

Christian spoke at webinale in Berlin and observed his family falling in love with his brother’s puppy. Also sent out some more “people of HTML5” interviews.

Stormy took vacation and went to Huajuapan de Leon with a bunch of Kids on Computers folks to set up two labs and update two existing labs.

The Developer Engagement Team
Christian, Janet, Jay, John, Louis-Rémi, Paul, Sheppy, Will and Stormy

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