Selfish baby boomers?

This article slams baby boomers for being selfish because they are (supposedly) rich and not planning on leaving it to their kids.  They are planning on spending their money in retirement.

I don’t understand why people are expected to leave things to their kids.  I understand that once upon a time you left your farm, trade or store to the kids and it became their livelihood but in today’s world, that’s the same as giving them a good education.  Why are parents expected to also fund their kids’ retirements?

Mom, Dad, thanks for the great education.  Please spend all your money as you wish and enjoy your retirement!  (But anytime you want to babysit … 😉

Small businesses: More Generation Y, Women and Baby Boomers

Intuit published an interesting study about small business trends.  According to the study more small businesses will be owned by Generation Y (1981-2001), baby boomers, women, and immigrants.  Generation Y because they don’t believe in trusting a company to take care of them and they are quite comfortable with all of the new technologies and able to easily start not just one business but multiple ones at once.  Many high schools have now started small businesses.  I personally interviewed a Generation Yer who had started his own company in college – a website for trading video games online.  Baby boomers, according to the study, are more likely to start business with social causes in "retirement."  Women owned business will grow – maybe as they become more disillutioned with the glass ceiling.  Immigrant owned businesses will grow as the number of immigrants continue to grow.

It’s an interesting study, an easy read and well worth reading.