What do you want on your tombstone?

What do you want to be remembered by?  James Gray is currently missing at sea and the article in the New York Times (which reads like an obituary!) talks all about what a great researcher he is at Microsoft.  While I’m sure he’d like to be recognized for his work at Microsoft, I’m sure that’s not all he is – the article briefly mentions a wife just to say that she’s the one that called him in missing.

While I’m proud of my career and hope my work is recognized I hope my obituary (and not my missing at sea notice!) recognizes me for more than just that.

If I am missing at sea, I hope the authorities and media are all focused on information to help find me as opposed to my accomplishments in life!

I hope they find James Gray alive and well soon and he can tell us personally what he’s proud of.

No candy bar for me …

I wasn’t meant to have a candy bar today …

  • I started with a trip to the break room with one dollar bill and two dimes,
  • The machine was no longer taking dollar bills so even though I have free cokes at work, I decided to buy a 50 cent coke,
  • Now I had a diet coke, two quarters and two dimes,
  • According to the machine a Twix was 70 cents,
  • I put in my change, hit the code for a Twix and was informed that the Twix was really 85 cents,
  • So I changed my mind and hit the code for Reeces Peanut Butter Cups,
  • The peanut butter cups started to come out but got hung up on metal hook,
  • I banged the machine with my hip (much more effective than hitting it with your hand) and they came out from under the hook but got stuck on the M&Ms next to them,
  • A trip back upstairs proved I had no more change anywhere,
  • So I went for a walk instead!

Have you had a similar experience?