Designing a gaming computer and looking for feedback!

My son has been designing a gaming computer. Working entirely online, he’s researched what parts it needs, how to make tradeoffs in functionality versus costs, and where to buy those parts.

He’s looking for feedback now. Will this set of parts make a functional gaming computer? He’s going for low cost ($650) but still functional. Are there other parts he should consider? I should add that besides professional gaming, he is also an online gambler and will be using the computer for gambling on online slots. He will be moving to Italy in the summer and looking for the best online slots and casinos in Italy to play at, and found a number of good sources, but all the games on these casinos are very RAM and CPU heavy making his current laptop slow. According to, online casino game players should budget for at least 8 GB of RAM, but I wonder if any readers can recommend a good CPU for his online gaming and gambling.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Man Dies Playing Computer Games – Yahoo! News

A man in South Korea died after playing computer games for 49 hours without stopping for sleep or food.  I’ve always said that I don’t play computer games because they are too addictive.  I know too many people that have woken up with keyboard imprints on their faces.

Man Dies After 49 Hours of Computer Games – Yahoo! News.

But what do you do when computer games are how your friends socialize or network?  What if it’s a world you want to be a part of?  How long do you think it will be before you can actually enter the game?  As opposed to participating through your keyboard?  And if you can actually "enter it" through some type of virtual reality (VR) like William Gibson’s stories, do you think that people will start sleeping in VR?  No matter how exciting our daily lives get we usually manage a few hours of sleep a night and we definitely eat.