GNOME: passionate people working on making technology beautiful

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m a big fan of open source software. I think the GNOME desktop is great and changing the way people interact with technology for the better. But here’s the secret: I really joined the GNOME Foundation because I love the GNOME community.

GNOME is full of passionate people who care not just about technology but about the people that use it and the world they live in. Yesterday I had many conversations about GNOME, current projects, grand ideas for new ones, and technologies. I also had a discussions about saffron, Thailand, how a country becomes a member of the European Union, human rights, banking systems, … all with people that were extremely knowledgeable, had good ideas and wanted to learn more. (I certainly learned lots!)

Here’s a specific example of something I like about the GNOME community. It’s important to them that things be "beautiful." I put beautiful in quotes because I think the GNOME community means much more than pretty when they say "beautiful." I think they mean:

  • Pretty. The desktop, your user interface, should look nice. It should be beautiful.
  • Easy to use. Functional. When things flow smoothly and everything is in just the right spot, right where you expect to find it, it’s beautiful.
  • Done right. When things are coded right and they are reliable functional, easy to figure out, they are beautiful.

GNOME folks, agree, disagree?