Too skinny and too fat: what happened to normal?

Photo by Camera baba' aka Udit Kulshrestha

You hear a lot about how the media potrays super-skinny models and they make poor role models for young women.

Today I turned on the TV and there was a cartoon with an obese girl in it. Interesting, I thought, they’re trying to portray reality. Then I noticed that every other character had a waist the size of their arm. (Literally, I paused and checked. The male characters had muscular arms and so had slightly bigger waists. The girls all had thin arms and ridiculously thin waists.) So there were a whole bunch of super skinny characters plus one obese girl and one obese boy.

What kind of body image message is that sending?

Why you should lose that extra 50 pounds

I really liked Steve Pavlina’s way of realizing how much extra weight you are carrying:

Go to the gym, pick up two 25-lb dumbbells, walk around with them, and
ask yourself if you really want to carry that burdensome weight 24/7
for another year.

(His post is about setting your year’s goal, not about losing weight in particular.)

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