Gorrilla Asks for a Dentist

When Koko the gorilla had a toothache, she signed that she had pain in her mouth. We know that dogs can learn hundreds of words, and we know that they can express excitement, anxiety, and disappointment. Does anybody know how to teach them to signal pain?

Cheating: A Social Network to Help You Cheat

The New York Times has an article about a new type of social network that is used to help people fabricate excuses, For Liars and Loafers, Cellphones Offer an Alibi. Complete strangers will pretend to be your boss or your doctor and call girlfriend or your work for you. Before you dismiss this as bizarre, you should know that thousands of people have signed up for this service!

However, before you sign up yourself, think, can you trust people that are looking for people to lie for them?

The Path To a Healthier America (or not)

In spite of all of the government funded studies that show that Americans are becoming more and more obese, the newest transportation bill allots less than 1% of the $300 billion total for sidewalks and bicycle paths. As anyone who has tried to run their errands on foot knows, without better walkways, it will continue to be easier and more pleasant to use a car for daily tasks, and we will continue to get heavier and heavier as a nation. For more information, read the New York Times article, The Path to a Healthier America.


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