New Chinese Adoption Rules

Adopting from overseas is very popular but not easy.  The process starts with the research – which countries are an option (including the US), what are their rules, costs, corruption levels, etc.

China has published their new adoption rules.  They must have more than enough foreigners looking to adopt because the new rules are much more restrictive than the old ones.  (Turns out they have twice as many applications as kids.) Starting next May:

  • no singles
  • you must be married at least two years
  • if either one has been divorced before they must be married for five years
  • no couple that has more than two divorces between them
  • no more than five kids in the home (including the prospective adoptee)
  • nobody who is taking medicine for depression or anxiety
  • nobody who has cancer or AIDS
  • no people with a BMI of more than 40  (That’s extremely obese – 250 pounds on a 5’6" frame.)
  • you must have a net worth of over $80,000
  • you must have at least $10,000 in income a year for each member of the household including kids (and including the propective adoptee)
  • have a high school diploma
  • be between 30-50 years old

The process of adopting is
usually long one, starting with the research, and it is also pricey.
Getting a baby from China will end up costing a family $20,000 in fees.

Some of this information comes from China Tightens Adoption Rules for Foreigners.