Selfish baby boomers?

This article slams baby boomers for being selfish because they are (supposedly) rich and not planning on leaving it to their kids.  They are planning on spending their money in retirement.

I don’t understand why people are expected to leave things to their kids.  I understand that once upon a time you left your farm, trade or store to the kids and it became their livelihood but in today’s world, that’s the same as giving them a good education.  Why are parents expected to also fund their kids’ retirements?

Mom, Dad, thanks for the great education.  Please spend all your money as you wish and enjoy your retirement!  (But anytime you want to babysit … 😉

My grandmothers have blogs!

Both of my grandmothers have blogs now!  I’m very proud of them and I’m very proud of my mom for typing in the stories and creating the blogs:

Check them out – they are/were amazing women!

Generations and life goals

The other day Dad was trying to tell me that young people today don’t care as much about politics and social causes. I wasn’t sure whether I agreed or not but I did take umbrage at his example of a dad who drove a pinto and whose son drove an SUV.  Dad seemed to think that was a good example of how the child didn’t believe in social causes.  I didn’t get it.  How did having a nice car relate with not believing in social causes?

Well, this morning in the New York Times I read a stat that seemed to imply that young people are focusing on money at the expense of philosophy.  Who Americans Are and What They Do, in Census Data – New York Times:

In 1970, 79 percent said their goal was developing a meaningful philosophy of life. By 2005, 75 percent said their primary objective was to be financially very well off.

So there you go, Dad.  Your argument holds because the time invested to earn an SUV is replacing the time spent on social issues.  (Assuming people spend time on their primary goals!)