Babies Gagged in Russia

Having just spent three days in the hospital with my own 5 month old son, this article hit a nerve, Russian Shock at Gagged Babies.  The babies were gagged with plaster and tape because their crying was disturbing the nurses.  A woman who happened to be in the hospital with her own children heard the babies and took a video with her cell phone.

All of the gagged children were orphans.  It definitely made me understand why people want to adopt!  Everytime Caleb cried in the hospital I talked to him or held him.  The thought of those babies being gagged instead of comforted just made my heart hurt.

Woman fights off mountain lion

This woman fought off a mountain lion with a small log – a mountain lion that was attacking her husband.  It took persistence and multiple tries – at one point she tried to stab it in the eye with a pen.  The husband has had surgery and lots of stitches to repair the damage but the couple still plans to celebrate their 50th wedding anninversy in New Zealand this year!

Mountain lion attacks hiker in Calif.