We watched a show on Spearfishing last night and I was curious enough to look up some more info on the web today.   Since it’s done in the middle of the ocean with just a snorkel, mask and fins, I was curious how long they were holding their breath:

The very best free-diving spearfishers can hold their breath for
durations of 2-4 minutes and dive to depths of 40 or even 60 meters
(about 130 to 200 feet). However, dives of approximately 1 minute and
15 or 20 meters (about 50 to 70 feet) are more common for the average
experienced spearfisher.

The woman we watched caught and reeled in a fish that was bigger than her!  All while in the water just wearing a wetsuit, snorkel, mask and fins.  She also had a spear gun and a couple of floats that held the extra line.  She was of course followed by a boat.  Speardivers can swim for several kilometers in the middle of the ocean hunting fish.