Minimum Wage

Many states are now looking at raising the minimum wage in their states.  The question is, when will the federal minimum wage level be raised?  Can you imagine trying to live off $5.15/hour?  About $10,000/yr?  Could you pay your rent, groceries and utility bills on that?

A Fair Day’s Pay – New York Times.

Want to be as skinny as a model?

Ever wanted to be as skinny or as beautiful as a model?  You can be! Just take a picture and touch it up with Photoshop.  This interactive web page shows you all the changes that have been made to this cover girl’s teeth, eyes, cheeks, waist, hair, skin, jawline, lips, etc.

Media Photoshop Retouching

They took a thin girl and carved several inches off her waist.  They added pounds to her breasts.  They filled out her hair.  No wonder teenagers are having cosmetic surgery for "self esteem" reasons.

Prisoners of Age

originally uploaded by Storming.

Prisoners of Age is a photo exibit of elderly prisoners in the American prison system.  It’s an amazing experience.  I remember one photo of a man who got out of prison and went and robbed a convenience store because he just wanted a six pack of beer and a steak.  People in for life, that know no other life, for things that must seem petty after 20 years.  And then there was the 80 year old woman who was just creepy.  She’d kept her housemaid prisoner for years and tortured her kids.  And she was quoted saying she just loved little kids.

We saw it at Alcatraz.  If you go, be sure to take the time to walk around.  It’s also showing in Philadelphia, Ottawa and Dublin.

Working too much? There’s hope

Normally work hours go down when life gets better, but in recent history we’ve been working not only more effectively but also a lot more hours.  This Business Week article, The Real Reasons You’re Working So Hard…., does a good job of explaining how we haven’t yet adapted to the new business environment.  We don’t yet know how to maintain social networks and effectively manage hundreds of emails a day yet.  (Gee, and that’s news?)  The good news is that they seem to think we will learn.

Catching perverts online

A photo of an alleged flasher was posted on Flickr.  Now the New York City Flickr community can help identify him.  (This is similar to the story of a woman who didn’t pick up her dog’s poop in Asia and her photo was shown all over the internet.)  I think it’s a really cool idea to solicit help from all concerned citizens to catch criminals.  (And if he’s not a criminal, hopefully he can come forward and explain his part in the story.)  However, what really surprised me was some of the comments on the Flickr page.  Lots of comments were supportive but many were of the "what’s the problem" tone.  I didn’t have a problem with people questioning the authenticity of the post, but to say that masturbating in front of someone who doesn’t want to see it, in a public place, isn’t an issue …

pervert081805thumbnail on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Amazing pictures: Flickr: Explore!

If you want to see some truely amazing pictures, check out the Flickr: Explore! page.

On a different note, here are all the pictures taken of Windjammer cruises lately:

Colorado Wildflowers


We saw fields full of beautiful wildflowers while hiking in the White River National Forest.