My absolute favorite toy right now is my Audible Otis. I listen to audio books and NPR while I’m running errands, running with my dog, working out in the gym, cleaning the house, … Right now I’m listening to Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. It’s funny hard core science fiction.

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Neal Stephenson wrote one of my favorite books ever, The Diamond Age : Or, a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer. It takes place in a future full of nanotechnology. A young girl gets ahold of a book that acts as her tutor, modifying itself over time to meet her needs. It examplifies the notion that education can make a person, giving them opportunities they never would have had otherwise.

US Sugar Industry attacks WHO’s healthy eating guidelines

The new diet guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) state that sugar should account for no more than 10% of the calories in a daily diet. The US Sugar Industry wants the Bush administration to pull funding for WHO unless WHO agrees to remove its recommended limits on sugar consumption!
Talk about a conflict of interest! I don’t think the person with the most money should decide what’s in a healthy diet. You can read more about it here Sugar Industry Threatens to Scupper WHO and here Sugar Industry Threatens WHO Budget Over Dietary Guidelines.


This is a blog to share all those good books and websites that I discover. If you like one, maybe you’ll come back to see what else I’ve found.

If you buy a lot of books, can save you some money. It searches a huge number of online book companies, adds shipping, and displays them in a nice table sorted by price. I’ve found it very useful for text books – it’s usually cheaper to buy my textbooks from Amazon in the UK, including shipping, than it is to buy them in the US!

Trading Up: The New American Luxury

Trading Up: The New American Luxury
I really like this book because it offered explanations for what seems like irrational behaviour. Have you ever noticed that you’re willing to drive all over town and comparison shop at Target, SuperWalmart and the mall in order to save $3, but then you’ll spend $3 more for organic frozen dinners. Or Starbucks coffee. Or a Panini sandwich instead of Subway? Well, this book explains the characteristics of the Panini sandwich that make you willing to pay more for it: the homemade bread, the intimate local, etc. Warning! The authors are writing to business people – giving them ideas on how to leverage your willingness to pay $3 more. But the book is very interesting and uses examples that really back up their theories like BMW, Panini, and Victoria Secret.