Chiropractic Care for Dogs

As I posted a while back, my dog Teddy has a slipped disk. I was told by the vet that it is a permanent condition and the best we could do was to give her pain medication.  In addition, I should not take her running and I should go easy on all activities like long walks and backpacking.

It’s been tough and I can definitely tell she’s worse after a long walk, so when I heard about a chiropractor who routinely treats horses and dogs, I decided to give it a try.  I have to admit that I’ve always been a little bit skeptical about chiropractors in general, but after seeing how it was done, I decided it probably wouldn’t hurt Teddy.  So we went yesterday.

I can’t say Teddy enjoyed the treatment, but the minute it was done she was jumping around and twirling in circles.  (And before you say, that’s because it was done, I can tell you when the vet is done with anything she runs to the door or hides under my chair.  She most definitely does not even wag her tail.)  She also jumped on the bed last night without any coaxing!   So, it’s too soon to tell for sure, but it definitely looks like it might help!

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September 23, 2004

Update.  I took Teddy to the chiropracter three times.  I did not treat her back or her pain in any other way.  She is no longer yelps with pain!  I haven’t heard a yelp in over a month!  To be conclusive that it worked, I think I would need to get another xray in a few months but if she’s happy and not hurting, I’m happy!

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  1. My dog has recently been to the vet with a slipped disc with little hope. Is there anything else I can do for him? Is there a dog chiropractor in kansas?

  2. Tina,
    I would definitely take your dog to the chiropractor. I’ve found that most of them that work on dogs don’t advertise, but if you call up a few “human” chiropractors, you’ll probably find one that works on dogs. Also, you can check with people that have horses in your area – they routinely use chiropractors for their horses.
    I’ve found that vets are not very good at giving referrals and they haven’t been very interested in hearing what works other than their care.
    Good luck!

  3. Dear Stormy: As I know you love your dog please try to email me back. My little dauchsaund is in terrible pain. She is overweight and her spinal hip area has gone out of alignment. I live two stories up and I can bearly carry her everyday up and down. I am so worried. I live in small town Lebanon Pennsylvania near to Hershey Pa, Annville Pa, Harrisburg Pa, Lancaster Pa. Please could you email me back about anyone that can help me? Im very worried. She is my life and my love. Sincerely Bella’s mom, vicki

  4. Hi Vicki,
    If you haven’t already, you should definitely take Bella to a vet. They can confirm the problem and give her pain medication if appropriate.
    You should probably also work on her weight problem – it will be hard if she can’t exercise but you should definitely get her on a nutritionally sound diet that will help her lose weight. Every ounce she loses will help her spine and hip. Let her exercise within her comfort levels.
    Lastly (but not least!), I’d also take her to a chiropractor. You can search for one by calling the “human” chiropractors in the phone book and asking if they work on dogs or know someone that does. Horse owners often take their horses to chiropractors so you could try calling stables as well.
    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

  5. Dear Stormy, As Vicki, I also live in the Harrisburg Pa. area and have looked for a chiropractor for our Lassa Rylee. Rylee is only two years old and a very active pup that loves to jump up on the couch and beds. We have a multi level house with a few steps up and down everywhere. Rylee was diagnosed a year ago with ruptured vertebrae and was put on muscle relaxers and steroids for two weeks. I took her to another vet for a second opinion and he read the Xrays and said he could not see a rupture. She had been fine for a year and now had a re occurrence of the same symptoms. I feel a chiropractor would help but cannot find one in the area. Please advise me of any that you know of. Thanks, LIZ

  6. Dear Stormy,
    My dog Cody is about 10 years old and the vet says he has nerve deficits in his hind limbs. The vet thinks that he has either a slipped disc or some type of tumor that is affecting his spinal cord. They recommend having an MRI and surgery but it is very expensive. Is there anything else we can do? would you recommend taking him to a chiropractor? His hind limbs seem to be getting weaker and he falls quite easily.
    Thank you

  7. Dear Stormy-
    I have a 2 and 1/2 year old boxer named Gus. It was determined last year that he has a severe case of hip dysplasia and spindilosis. The vet said that it was the worst he had seen in a dog Gus’ age. Recently he has been having lots of problems with his hips. Gus can’t walk up and down the stairs with out being in great pain. He basically can’t do anything without being in pain. He is normally a very active dog, but can’t even run after his frisbee without yelping. Gus is currently on anti-inflamatories, glucosamine chews and pain medication, but nothing is working. I was thinking about chiropractics, but wasn’t sure if there where any in my area. I live in Lawrence, KS. Please help Gus and me!!!

  8. Hi,
    I have a 11 year old cocker spaniel.
    He has a slip disc and was given Remadyl to help. He had one about 8 months ago and he was back to his usual happy self in about two days. It has been 5 days this time and he does not want to move. How long do others feel this lasts?

  9. I am faced with with a recurring problem myself. Standard treatments have not work so far and I’m making an appointment for a chiroprator this week. Has anyone heard anything about acupuncture for slipped disks?

  10. Stormy,
    My little wirehaired dachchund slipped a disc in his lower back this last tuesday. My vet prescribed bed rest and an anti inflamitory. I saw that you took yours to a chiropractor. I would love to get the name, number and location of yours. I want to see if I could maybe find a chiropractor in my area that could help.
    Thank so much.
    Katie Lyn

  11. Hi Stormy and others:
    We have a 5 year old cocker spaniel who was just in the hospital in August for slipped disks. They put him on a course of steroids and pain medicine that got him back to semi walking, but he really just hops with his hind legs. Has anyone else ever had their dogs hop, with little movement of the back legs, after one of these episodes? We’re wondering if we should try acupuncture, but after reading the entries on here maybe a chiropractor could help? If anyone has any advice/stories it would really help!

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