Emergency Vet Clinic Again! Wasps and Dogs

Last night on our way out the door to dinner, our 5 year old picked up one of the patio chairs and said "Look at me!  I’m strong!"  Then he dropped it and a flood of wasps swarmed up from the underside.  We got him away safely and went to dinner thinking we’d take care of the nest after dark when the wasps were sleeping. 

Well, Teddy, my 75 pound dog, decided to investigate.  Whether it was to greet them or eat them, I don’t know.  I am sure she tried to lick them, because her face was all swollen!  She could barely open one of her eyes.  So I called the emergency vet clinic for the third time this month and they told me 1 mg of benadryl per pound of dog and to watch to make sure that her airway didn’t swell up.  So I gave her three little pink pills and lots of hugs.

Today she’s fine.  I’m glad she recovers so quickly!