Subscribing to Flickr via Bloglines

I just discovered that two of my favorite web tools work together.

I read all my news and blogs via Bloglines.  I share pictures with my friends via Flickr.  Both great tools.  Flickr in particular has a lot of potential.

Now, all my friends and family’s new pictures show up every morning in Bloglines when I read the news!  So along with my daily news I also see the most recent pictures of my friends’ trips to Oregon and my cousin’s birthday party.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. You can go to any Flickr page (I went to "Photos from Friends and Family") and at the bottom right there is an RSS feed.  Copy that link.
  2. Go to Bloglines, my feeds, and "Add a Feed", use the link where it asks for the RSS feed.
  3. Then presto!  I can now see all the new pictures my friends add in Bloglines!

Way cool.