Flickr’s new uploader rocks!

If you follow my pictures on Flickr, you know that I’m a bit sporadic about uploading them.  I just uploaded a bunch today with Flickr’s new Uploadr 3.0 and it worked great!  Much, much better than the old one. 

  • Faster.  Faster.
  • You can edit titles before you upload.
  • You can edit the tags and privacy settings for pictures individually.
  • Once you hit upload, you can immediately start working on another set of photos.
  • It didn’t drop me once!
  • You can work offline.
  • It’s open source.  (This doesn’t immediately buy me anything but it’s cool and it means if anything really bugs me, I could fix it.)

The one thing that bugged me is that when I selected pictures to upload, it never remembered what directory I got them from.  Every time I selected pictures I had to navigate to my pictures’ directory again.

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