Negative Google Ads Associated with YOUR Name

I ran across something interesting yesterday.  If you search for "Joe Vitale" (the author of The Attractor Factor) in Google, the top two sponsored ads are extremely negative:

  • Joe Vitale Sucks      Don’t buy anything from Joe Vitale until you read this.
  • I was scammed 37 times      These websites are absolute scams I will show you the ones that work

Now these are sites that paid to be put at the top when someone searched for "Joe Vitale."  They didn’t show up when I searched for Vitale.  Nothing on their websites mentions Joe Vitale and nothing I found anywhere suggests that Joe Vitale is either a jerk or a scam artist.

A couple of salient points come to mind:

  • Obviously, these people have found it financially advantageous to buy ads for the words "Joe Vitale" – they are assuming people that have read his book or heard about it might think he’s a scam or at least have enough doubts to read their websites.  (I did.  I thought, wow, is he a scam artist, and I clicked on the link and looked for information and couldn’t find any but in the meantime I read their website and saw all their ads.)  So these people drive traffic to their website by picking names that people might believe are scam artists.
  • Poor Joe Vitale.  These people are making it look like he’s a scam artist and as far as I know, there’s nothing illegal about it.  The second one doesn’t even say anything about Joe Vitale – it just says "I was scammed 37 times" when you search on his name.

I don’t know whether to be impressed or horrified.  Luckily when I search on my name there are no sponsored links, good or bad.

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