Watch who you bid against in eBay!

Last night on my way home I got a text message from eBay saying I hadn’t won the item I bid on.  That was a little strange.  I use eSnipe, so usually if I bid, I win the item. – If the item is still below what I’m willing to pay for it, three seconds before the auction ends eSnipe places a bid for me.  No human can squeeze in a bid after that so if the item is going for a price I think is reasonable, I win it.  So eBay only gets a bid from me when I’m going to win the item.  If the item is out of the range I’m willing to pay, eBay never even knows I was interested in it.  So, if I got an email saying I lost, that meant someone had squeezed in a bid in the last three seconds of the auction!  They had to be using a tool like eSnipe too.  Interesting.

Then I got home and Frank said, "hey, I bought one of those shirts for Jacob!"  I said "for $6.50?"  He said, "yeees … the yellow one?"  We were bidding against each other and I drove his bid up 50 cents!  We had a good laugh about it.