FogDog Review: I won’t order from them again

I ordered a treadmill from and I won’t be ordering from them again.  I placed the order on 12/28/06, they sent me a confirmation email that same day.  According to the website they gave me to track my order it shipped on 12/29/06.  There were no updates to the website.  So I called on 1/12/07 and they said oh, it was with a shipping company near my house and they gave me their number.  I called the shipping company and they said they would drop it off on Monday.  Frank took the afternoon off on Monday, came home early and waited.  When the treadmill arrived it was damaged!  Well, these things happen, right?  So I called FogDog and they said when the treadmill arrives at the warehouse they will credit my account.  If I still want a treadmill, I need to place another order.  No "I’m sorry" or "we’ll speed up the second order" or anything.  So I said, "no, thank you.  I will not be ordering from you again."  She said, "Thanks.  Good-bye."

So, needless to say, I won’t be ordering from them again.  I got no status update for two weeks and then I got a damaged treadmill, no apology and was told to start the process all over again!