The secret to making money from home

I was working from home last week (sitting on the sofa working on my laptop) when the cleaning people showed up.  When they asked where Caleb was I said "at daycare, I’m working."  To which they replied "is that what you are doing!"

I see a lot of websites with lots of traffic all talking about how to make money working from home, blogging or from an internet business.  Do all those readers realize that to work from home you have to work?  Or are they secretly hoping that they’ll make money doing nothing?  The main benefit to working from home is not commuting.  (Yeah!)  And some people think working in your pj’s is a benefit.  But in general, you are working – not playing with the baby, doing laundry or watching tv.  (You can do that stuff but you aren’t working when you are doing it.)  I think all those people interested in working from home are really looking for a job that isn’t any work.

What do you think?  Are you interested in working from home?  If so, why?