10 home business ideas that work

For those of you willing to work and still looking for a home business idea, here are ten stories to inspire you.  They all have an online presence and they include:

  1. Making charms for charm bracelets ($2.5 milllion/year)
  2. Putting beads on tank-tops ($1 million/year)
  3. Referral business for home contractors ($100,000/year)
  4. Domain naming service ($25/domain name)
  5. Baby announcement cards
  6. Crocheted underwear (and other stuff)
  7. Editing legal transcripts
  8. Selling balsam from the trees on your land
  9. Selling mannequins
  10. Making cuff links ($500,000/year and still has another job)

There’s links and descriptions of all the sites in the original post.  And then there’s making money by selling ads on your blog:

So what business are you going to start?