Learning Lessons While Dreaming

A few days ago I read a story about a woman who went to Auschwitz as a girl with her little brother. On the way there her brother lost his shoe. She chewed him out and called him a "stupid boy!" Soon after that moment, they were separated and she never saw him again.

Last night I dreamt I was driving and my seven year old stepson was in the front seat. I was really mad at something he’d done and I said "If you can’t listen then I don’t think you should go to South Dakota with us." He started crying and then I lost control of the car and we started spinning off the freeway.

The point of the Auschwitz story was the woman now tries never to leave anyone with a conversation she doesn’t want to be their last. Obviously my mind thought that was an important lesson for me to learn and taught it to me in a much more emotional way than any story I could ever read!