Learning Calligraphy

Last week I decided to learn calligraphy.  Why?

  • It looks cool.
  • I like doing things with my hands.
  • I like paper and notebooks.
  • I wanted to revisit what it’s like to learn how to write as our seven year old is working on his writing.
  • I love learning new things even if I don’t take them up as life long hobbies or careers.
  • I was in the middle of reading The Privilege of the Sword and it seemed appropriate.

So here’s how I did it:

  • I went to the library and checked out four books on calligraphy.
  • I read the first couple of pages of each one to see what I neededComplete Idiot’s Guide to Calligraphy had a really good list with descriptions.
  • I went to SuperWalmart and bought a 2mm calligraphy marker.  (They only had one calligraphy marker to choose from, it was 2mm on one end and 5mm on the other.  Luckily all the books said to use a 2mm one.)
  • I bought some cool paper just because it was cool and writing beautiful letters on gorgeous paper sounded like fun.
  • I taped a folder to a lap desk I had to create my writing surface.  (You are supposed to prop a writing board up on your lap and a table.  My lap desk was a bit too small of a surface and I soon migrated to my customary spot on the sofa instead.)
  • I started practicing.  The book I liked best suggested 30 minutes a day will get you there.  It’s been about four days and I can write all the small (minuscule letters) ok but my capital letters need a lot of work.

So it’s been fun.  If you are interested in learning calligraphy, I recommend starting with a calligraphy marker and a book, Calligraphy (First Step Series) or Complete Idiot’s Guide to Calligraphy. Have fun!