Why I’m never going to buy a Kindle

I want a Kindle. I think they are cool because:

  • You can carry around 100s of books in the space of one. I routinely carry 4-5 books with me on long trips – in my carry-on. I always carry at least two: one fiction and one non-fiction.
  • You can take electronic notes. Notes, quotations, highlighting and underlining are all stored electronically. You can then search for that particular quote or stat you are looking for.
  • It always looks like you are working! Nobody can tell if you are reading a novel or reviewing a document for work.

So why don’t I buy one? I have two shelves full of books I haven’t read yet and it seems like a waste to rebuy them on the Kindle, so I’m waiting until I’ve read them. The problem is, every time I finish a book, I swap it for a new one, so I’m never going to get to buy a Kindle!

2 Replies to “Why I’m never going to buy a Kindle”

  1. Hi. I’m a Kindle owner and big fan (I even started a blog about the Kindle), and I had the same problem as you. I have shelves of books I haven’t read yet, and I can’t seem to walk out of Barnes & Noble without buying another one.
    My solution since I received the Kindle as a gift was to read one “real” book for every Kindle book. It’s working out really well. I find I’m actually reading more now since I’m able to pick up my Kindle during idle times – waiting in line at stores, waiting for my husband to get out of work, etc.
    Also, you don’t have to re-buy all the books you already have for the Kindle. There are probably plenty of books you’ve been meaning to read but never purchased that you could get on the Kindle while you whittle away the stack you already have.

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